Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have always collected things. Whether it be Pogs and Trolls when I was young, to gemstones and Take That Memorabilla when I was a teenager (did I really admit that?). It's one of those eccentricities that make me who I am and my latest obsession, is collecting notebooks.

I have always kept a diary on and off, but since I moved to Spain nearly 5 years ago, the notebook fascination has exploded, see my collection below:

They are just the notebooks that I could find, I am sure there are more floating around somewhere. The reason that I started this collection, was because since living in Spain and learning Spanish, I find that there are many occasions where I either learn a new word and jot it down in one of the now infamous little books I always keep in my handbag, or will see a word, which I make a note of and look up the meaning at home.

However as my addiction to notebooks has progressed, I now find any excuse possible to use a new notebook, checking quiz scores, Spanish lessons, for my creative writing and art ideas. In fact my obsession has got so bad, that I buy a new notebook purely because I like the look of it and I have a small pile of unused notebooks.

Originally I thought that I was the only one with notebook fever, however I have come across a blog all about notebooks. is written by a fellow notebook addict and I enjoy reading the posts, because the writer has an appreciation for the different papers and covers, as I have. I also enjoy reading the regular 'Notebook Addict' posts, in which followers send photos of their notebook collections, a lot of them are larger than mine!

On my birthday this year, my nephew bought me a hardback sketch book with pencils on the front. I loved it so much that I decided to keep mementos in it. After a lot of research on the internet the idea grew and I discovered art journalling. Art Journalling is where instead of simply writing what happened in your day like a regular diary, you use mixed media, paints, pencils etc, to create art to express feelings or events throughout your life. I have only just started with this, but I am really starting to enjoy the new way that I can express myself and have fun playing with paints. I have also found a website/blog which enables members to share tips/hints on different techniques and also photos of their artwork. Each month, a prompt is set for a journal page and photos are published on the blog. So far I have only participated in one prompt, but look forward to doing more. The problem is, it will only encourage my notebook obsession!


  1. i am SUCH a notebook fiend!!
    i would buy them because i like them, but never fill them because i'd be afraid of "wrecking" them...

    A friend of mine gave me "Wreck this Journal" for christmas this year, and it's really helped me learn to be messy and creative... and also, the artjournalling has been a great helper in that regard, as well!

  2. No you're not alone, not at all. I'm so much a notebook addict, just search notebooks in my blog and you'll see what I mean! I wish you good luck with the art journal - I hope you'll have as much fun with it as I'm having with mine!