Thursday, February 25, 2010

My name is Spangle and I'm a Bookaholic....Part 2

Ok, so all those that have been following the blog will know that I have had a few problems with a delivery of books from Play. Com. Well the good news is that my books are FINALLY beginning to arrive! I received 'Time Traveller's Wife' yesterday and 'Brighton Rock' this morning. So I'm only waiting for one more book.

The problem now, is that 'Brighton Rock' is a book that I have to read for an online book group and I'm also reading 'Kindred' for this blog. So it is going to be difficult to juggle reading the two together, but at least I have plenty to entertain me. One thing I do know though, is that I will reconsider ordering from Play.Com in future.

I've also just received a delivery of a great bookcase which means that I can actually see all of the books that I have, rather than stacking my books where I can find any available space. I'm not one of those people that sort their books alphabetically, but I like to books from the same author together and any series of books e.g 'Harry Potter' in order. Luckily, there is room for a few more new books in the future!

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