Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is the publishing industry selling out?

Recently, the new trend for celebrity novels and autobiographies, has filled the best seller book lists. This has made me consider whether or not the standards of publishers has diminished and are they only backing these types of books knowing that they will make a big profit, rather than choosing to publish quality writing?

There are some intelligent and extremely well written books out amongst the rubbish and I understand that times are hard for publishers. However there are so many undiscovered writers out there with great stories to tell, who are being overlooked by publishers, simply because they may not give them an instant cash injection.

I found this interesting article which talks about this issue. I'd be interested to hear your opinions on whether or not, you think that the publishing industry is choosing style over content.

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  1. I agree that celebrities can hog the pulishing lists and that those books bring in the money quickly. It is a pity, because publishers are selling themselves short and depriving our minds by not having the courage to bet on new talent.

    My own experience is that my work was accepted and then put 'on hold' due to the crisis. I think that it could well remain there. I did understand as it was a small publishing company and they have been forced into 'big name' books just to survive.

    Not to be daunted, I have pulished my work myself, including printing the book and binding it - great fun, but obviously not financially rewarding. Worth it though to have achieved 'from beginning to end'.