Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Splurging and Sorting

Well, Easter as come and gone in a flash and as you can see, I've been busy making changes to the blog.

You can now search blog posts and I've organized my book reviews into categories of genre, which is a lot better in my opinion.I'm also thinking about making categories based on author,in the future.

At this point, I have to give a special mention to Nicki from Fyrefly's Book Blog, who has adviced me about technical issues of the blog and has also given me plenty of encouragement. I just hope that I can make this blog,half as good as hers.

Anyway I've not splurged too much on chocolate, although chocolate has been consumed over the last few days. I've been on a bit of a book slurge. I have ordered the following books:

'Brixton Beach' by Roma Tearne- I saw a review of this on 'The TV Book Club' and thought it looked interesting.

'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll- I want to see how the book compares to the recent film adaptation of the novel.

'The Rapture' by Liz Jensen'- This is from another 'The TV Book Club' recommendation. This is about an apocalypse scenario, brought on by climate change and I thought that this was an interesting and relevant topic for a book, as society is concerned with the damage that climate change in making on the planet.

'20,000 Leagues Under The Sea'- Jules Verne- A friend of mine was appalled when I mentioned that I had never read this book. As it is a classic novel, I thought that I would give this a go.

I have ordered these books with Amazon this time, as regular readers will know that I have had a lot of problems with Play.Com. Time will tell whether they are reliable or not. However I don't feel guilty about my book slurge, these new books will give me plenty to talk about in future blog posts and I would be interested to hear your thoughts on these novels too.

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  1. 'chocolate has been consumed' is a very Irish pattern of speech - love it!