Thursday, April 1, 2010

'The TV Book Club'

Following on from yesterday's post about how publisher's are selling out by publicizing celebrity novels, I have found a way in which celebrity status is actually helping the publishing world, in a positive way.

Recently I have been watching a programme called 'The TV Book Club', in which a panel of celebrities, joined by a different guest reviewer each week, discuss a different book of the week.

When I first saw the choice of panelists, comprising of an actor, a comedian, a former soap opera actress and a fashion expert, I thought 'There's no way that I can take this seriously'.

However, I was plesantly surprised at how interesting and intelligent their different opinions actually are. Also, even though the panelists are quite well known, in my opinion, they represent a vast section of society, both through sex, race and sexual orientation.

The programme has a chatty, friendly style, which makes it accessible to the general public which is good because I think at times, programmes and discussions about literature can be seen as 'high-brow' or intimidating. So I think that this programme is important, as it can bring the activity of reading a novel to the masses.

Also in my opinion, programmes like this are important on a social level, because if children see their parents reading books, it will encourage them to do the same and thus the literacy level will go up.

So far, I have been tempted to purchase several of the books that 'The TV Book Club' has featured and I think this programme is working in a positive way, to encourage people to enjoy reading more. Unfortunately, 'The TV Book Club' is having a break for the summer. However, I'm looking forward to watching this programme again, when it returns to our screens.

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