Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Books!

Another book arrived in the mail today! It's great that I have so many books, but where am I going to find time to read them all!? I'm sure I can find time from somewhere, as normally, I'd prefer to read a book than watch television. However, having had a few nights out lately, I haven't been home long enough, to have a proper reading session.

Anyway, the latest book to arrive, was sent by a friend of mine in England. She saw 'Three Girls and their Brother' by Theresa Rebeck, free with a magazine and thought that I would enjoy reading it. After reading a free copy of Lynda La Plante's 'Clean Cut' and not really enjoying it, I have been a bit sceptical about books included with magazines. However, after reading reviews for this novel, I thought it looked worth giving a go.

I'm going out for dinner tonight, but for most of tomorrow, I'm planning to be curled up with a book. Don't you just love lazy Sundays?

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