Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The world within......

I wasn't sure what I was going to blog about when I woke up this morning. However whilst I was having coffee in my local coffee shop with a fellow writer/blogger friend of mine, our conversation inspired me.

My friend and I both discovered that we have been creating stories and characters, even before we could write. Both of us enjoyed 'making books' from old exercise books or scrap paper, brought in from our parents' workplace.

Even before that, we used to have conversations with dolls or other inanimate objects, believing that they were real.The link between the both of us was that as children, we were relatively introverted.

In my case, the inability to walk until the age of about 5, restricted my interaction with other children, so I had to find ways to entertain myself. The easiest way for me to do that, would be to create a world through my imagination.

Also when I was at school, we would have to write about what we had done over the weekend. My stories were never about me, but I wrote about my experiences through the eyes of a doll which I had a child. I felt more comfortable expressing myself through something or someone else, rather than from my own personal perspective. Perhaps that's why I was also interested in drama whilst growing up.

In reflection I felt and still feel, that creating and writing about fictitious characters helps me to express myself and is way for me to do or say things, that I would never actually do in real life. Whether it was to do with my circumstances earlier on in my life I will never know, but I still tap into my sense of imagination, both for my writing and also to entertain myself when I am bored. Before you start thinking that I'm some sort of anti-social hermit with no friends, I'm far from it. However at times, I prefer my own company.

It is a well known fact that comedians are generally shy, introverted people and I wonder whether these characteristic traits, were common in fiction writers? Are writers or indeed readers of fiction mostly introverted people, who are happy to live in the world created within the pages of a book, or is that just a myth?

I'd be interested to hear what either writers, bloggers or readers think about this...

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  1. I believe that a creative mind needs to 'turn in' on itself from time to time, maybe just to catch up with what is going on in there!