Monday, June 14, 2010

Foreign Language Novels

Every Monday afternoon, my mum and I have our Spanish lesson. At the moment, we are attempting to translate a version of 'El Cid' a classic epic tale which was written in the 12th century, by an unknown author.

Also, when I can find time between reading novels for the blog and writing my book, I'm trying to understand a novel called 'Golpe de Reyes' by David Serafin, which is so far, like a Dan Brown political thriller.

For me, reading Spanish novels is not only helpful for improving my Spanish vocabulary, but it's a lot more fun than writing out and trying to remember endless verb tables (don't get me wrong this needs to be done, but it's so boring!). The process of reading a book in another language is a lot slower and maybe not quite as enjoyable as reading an English one, but I feel a sense of achievement when I have read to the end of a chapter or finished the whole thing.

Do you read any foreign language novels (either translated or in the original language)? If so, what are your favourite authors?

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