Sunday, June 27, 2010

Off Topic Post!

This isn't going to be a long post today I'm afraid and it's nothing to do with books either. Last night, I stayed out until way past my bedtime and so today, I'm too tired to write anything deep and meaningful.

So, I thought that I would share some photos from the Motorbike Show that is on this weekend. Each year, motorbike clubs throughout the region, (and possibly further away) congregate in my town, to show off their Motor Bikes.

Then they have a mass convey to the beach and stop for drinks, a barbecue and probably a lot of bike talk.

It's definitely a noisy event (especially as it's held on a Sunday) but I love seeing the Harley Davidson's and other vehicles that turn up.

They also have a few stalls, so you can buy motorbike merchandise. I saw these really sweet baby sized Harley Davidson T-Shirts on sale:

I also saw a little boy, riding around on a motorised miniature replica of a Harley. They like to start the obsession with scooters and motorbikes early around here!

The fiesta season is hotting up now, it's a shame the weather isn't doing the same. Shortly after taking these photos, the heavens opened and we had a large (but brief) thunder storm. I hope it didn't dampen the biker's spirits!

Anyway, have a good Sunday and I promise that I'll have a book related post, next time.

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  1. We were there! It was great! Wondered about becoming a biker, but resisted the temptation.