Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scribbles in the Sun

Now that my art classes have finished for the summer, my friend Ann and I have found a lovely cafe at the beach, in which to have coffee once a week.

Ann is my only writer friend, so it's great when we meet because we can discuss how progress is going with both of our books (mine is far from finished and Ann is already on the third novel, of her 'Violet Jelly' trilogy of children's books), bounce ideas off each other and also to discuss the books we are reading and generally gossip.

I like the cafe, because they sell freshly baked croissants and drinks in funky glasses. Plus it's an ideal place to sit, as the over head cover makes it feel like you're outside, when actually you're inside. The cool, fresh wind circulating through, also makes even the hottest day, comfortable.

Today, when we were sitting and chatting, we discussed what we use to write our ideas on. Whilst I've previously blogged about my vast notebook collection, at the moment, I'm using this notebook to scribble on:

That doesn't mean however, that I always stick to the notebook. I try, but sometimes when I have no space to make amendments to the things that I have written, I write on anything that comes to hand. Today, it was one of the coasters on the table.

It's amazing how many notes we make every day. Whether you're a writer or not, everyone makes a note of their shopping list, blog ideas, write thoughts in a journal or record important dates on a calendar hanging in the kitchen.

Recently I read an article which was featured on 'Notebook Stories', that talked about how, with the introduction of technology, we are erasing the fact that we ever existed. By writing even something as mundane as a shopping list, we are making our mark, a sort of graffiti message that says 'I woz ere' and it would be a shame if the act of writing with pen and paper, went into extinction.

So whether you are a writer or not, what do you write on? Do you write in a diary or a notebook? The back of receipts or anything that you can lay your hands on?


  1. Since computers took over the world my handwriting has become atrocious, so while I love to write notes by hand I find it too messy now and write them on computer instead. Sorry!

  2. That's one of the reasons why I've reverted back to my notebook.

    I was finding that my handwriting was getting worse and worse, due to using the computer all of the time. By writing in a notebook, it's helping my handwriting get better (sometimes) and a notebook can be taken everywhere, where even a laptop, is sometimes cumbersome. Plus, a notebook costs a fraction of the price compared to a laptop!

  3. As you well know, I always write first using pencil and any type of paper, card, piece of box! that is avilable. And, the writing is never disciplined to travel from top to bottom, but creeps up the sides, upside down across the top - whatever - to be tracked by arrows and other such symbols.
    On my blog I shall post a summer scribble showing my favourite writing spots.