Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday Snippet

I was reading 'Dizzy C's Little Book Blog' the other day and was interested to see that she was participating in something called 'Whatcha Reading Wednesdays'.

So, inspired by this idea, I've decided to begin a regular feature called 'Sunday Snippet'. This is where every week, on a Sunday, I will post 2 random sentences, for a random page in a book that I'm currently reading. I'd be interesting in having a glimpse at what you are reading, so don't hesitate to post 2 random sentences from you current read on you blog, then send me the link to your post. Also don't forget to give a spoiler warning, in case the sentences give away any information about

Anyway, here's the first 'Sunday Snippet' :

P106- ' By the well she watched a bud unfold upon a slender stalk, wondering if she had dreamed the exquisite cream-colored Mariposa lily, three-petalled, with its center of bright gold. She had seen them bloom before only on the high mesa west of the river.'

'The House at Otowi Bridge- The story of Edith Warner and Los Alamos' - Peggy Pond Church


  1. Love the new Sunday Snippet!

    Tight on time today and am off to cook dinner but will hopefully join in next week!


  2. What a beautiful first 'Sunday Snippet'!

    I love the concept.

    I will join in next Sunday, when I am back home.

  3. Kewl idea. I'm having issues reading right now (I can't seem to concentrate for more than a few minutes) Not sure why...

  4. I sometimes lose the motivation to read sometimes Melissa. I think it depends on whether I'm enjoying the book that I'm reading or not (I'm one of those people who can not leave a book unfinished, only in extreme circumstances when I'm really hating a book).

    Oh and I'm glad people seem to be liking the new feature. I thought it would be interesting to dip into a novel, to give a taster of what I'm reading. I'm looking forward to reading snippets of what other people are reading.