Monday, November 1, 2010

For those who write....

Some readers of the blog may know, that I am an aspiring writer. I haven't had anything published yet, but dream that one day, I'll be able see one of my novels on book shop's shelves.

One big problem I have, is that at the moment I have 2 projects on the go (a children's novel and a short story) and sometimes, well actually most of the time, I lack the motivation needed to finish anything. I am lucky though, because I have a fellow author friend and we meet up regularly, to encourage and help each other with our writing. This support keeps me going, but I feel that I lack a writing structure/timetable, to stick to.

This morning, whilst browsing through the newest blog posts, Melissa at 'This too...' blog highlighted something called 'MeNoWriMo' . This an initiative in which writers have to force themselves to write 50,000 words, without censoring what they write. Coincidentally a short time after reading this post, a friend sent me an article about 'MeNoWriMo' (maybe they were trying to tell to get off my butt and do some work!) and you can read it here.

To be honest, I don't think that I will take part in this. It could be a great motivator but in my opinion, by simply writing without thinking can bring an awful lot of rubbish, in which you have to sift through at the end. Slow, considered writing would be better in my opinion, although not completely free of total jibberish.

So, I have decided to join in with 'Melissa's Writing Month'. This entails setting realistic writing goals and then sticking to them. On 1st December I will report back, to tell you how the month went.

My goals for this month are :

1.) Set out clear, fully planned out plot and character structure for my short story. It's mostly there, but I still have a bit of ironing out to do.

2.) Write a time plan when I want to get to the editing stage of the book.

3.) Then start! Sticking to my time plan.

For those of you who write, are you planning to join in with 'MeNoWriMo'? Do you think that forcing yourself to write 50,000 words in a month is a good idea? Or do you prefer to write at a slower pace?

Also, are you able to motivate yourself to write and how do you do it? I realise that I have ended this post with many questions, but I would be interested to get an insight into how other writers motivate themselves. I would also be glad of any tips on self motivation.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Spangle! What are slow writers to do during the NaNo craze!? ;-) I'm sooooo glad you are making some writing goals for yourself this month. As you know, I plan to do the same. If you want to e-mail me at any point so you can vent or whatever else will help (maybe we can update eachother weekly with our progress) please do so!! You can just reply to this comment through e-mail, my account is set up that way :-)

  2. You're welcome and I have sent you an e-mail if that's ok? I like the idea of sharing writing experiences with different authors.

  3. Well, as you know, Spangle, I just write. I think to myself, "Think I shall sit down and write for a while." It doesn't sound a terribly proffessional approach. As I am also illustrating, I like to alternate. At the moment ... editing is what I am up to. However, that is on the back burner just now - having done all of my corrections! So, I think that I shall attempt to reach the end of chapter four of my current book and stride into chapter five. That is my goal. I am also open to comments from, discussions with, other writers.