Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Papery Presents Part 2

As well as receiving some lovely papery presents at Christmas, I received even more on my birthday!

Firstly, a friend in England sent me this bookmark:

As I have the sense of humour of a 10 year old, this really made me giggle. It says 'The Penguin of Death' and underneath it says:

'Things you need to know'

'1. He is strangely attractive because of his enigmatic smile.
2. He can kill you in any 1 of 412 different ways.'

I think this is rather a quirky little thing and very useful too.

Then, I received this fabulous notebook:

Not only is the quote on the front brilliant and in my case, very true, but also Louisa M. Alcott happens to be the author of 'Little Women', one of my favourite books (Note to self: Must review 'Little women' for the blog).

Then finally, another friend of mine stopped over to my flat, carrying a rather large parcel. Inside the parcel, was this box (excuse the poor photography):

As if the box wasn't nice enough, I thought that it was too heavy to just be empty (my friend came into the flat struggling to carry it). So I lifted up the lid. Inside, I found.......

that the box was filled with a STACK of pink writing paper and envelopes!!

Regular readers of the blog may remember, that I have ranted about the lack of decent writing paper and I also wondered whether or not people wrote letters anymore. I have searched all over in the shops here and even sent my family on a search for some in the UK, only to find children's writing sets, which will not do. So this is a great gift, because it's pink and very 'me'.

So for my 30th, I received some great papery presents. I definitely don't have an excuse not to write letters to my friend in Canada anymore!


  1. Your gifts are gorgeous.
    There's something eternally appealing about writing paper and envelopes. I wright letters to my parents. But it is different. I would love to get a letter with some girly stuff :) I am telling this hypothetically, of course.

  2. I love the quote on the notebook!

  3. Great notebook! I love the Louisa Alcott quote especially! xo style, she wrote

  4. I would fall for the pink writing set too !
    So Happy belated birthday !
    I hear you about the makes Andalusia very sad, doesn't it ? but God knows we need it though...
    Have a great week end and stay warm and cozy..with a good book....