Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Snippet + Blogiversary

I'm having a double celebrate today, because not only have I (finally!) finished the seemingly never ending novel 'The Bones of Avalon' by Phil Rickman, but also the blog is celebrating its first anniversary!

Technically the blog was born on the 5th January, but today sees the anniversary of the first review that appeared on the blog, so that's good enough for me!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all new and long standing readers of the blog, for reading my ramblings and also for all of the lovely comments that you have posted, over the last year.

It has been the longest that I have kept a blog going and I hope to be able to reach the blog's 2nd blogiversary and beyond!

Anyway, now that I have got that out of the way, here's to this week's 'Sunday Snippet'.

Seeing as I only finished 'The Bones of Avalon' yesterday, I haven't had a chance to read any of my latest book 'Our Spoons Came from Woolworths' by Barbara Comyns. So I'll leave you with the opening line of novel:

Page 9:'I told Helen my story and she went home and cried.'

'Our Spoons Came from Woolworths'- Barbara Comyns

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Dear Spangle,
    Congratulations! I just wanted to let you know that I love to read your blog. I look forward to read your posts and think about them.

  2. Thanks for the comments and Olga, thanks for the compliment. It's very sweet of you!

  3. Congrats spangle! GUESS WHAT?! You and I have the same blog birthday! Jan. 5th. I knew we were destined to be buddies :-)

  4. How strange! Happy Blogiversary to you too!

  5. Happy birthday! And hurrah for a Comyns quotation :)

  6. Happy Blogiversary - that is so fun! Sorry I am late but I bring virtual cupcakes!

  7. Thanks stuckinabook! Barbara Comyns is one of my favourite newly discovered authors from last year.

    Sheila thanks for the virtual cupcakes and for stopping by the blog!