Sunday, January 23, 2011

'Sunday Snippet'

Firstly, thank you for the lovely birthday comments on yesterday's post. I had a great day; although the weather could have been a bit warmer. The temperature here over the last few days has dropped down to 0 degrees overnight!

I know that living in Spain, that I have become a bit spoilt. Compared to places like the UK and Canada where the temperature drops much lower, the weather here is positively tropical, even in winter. However, I really don't like the cold and want it to go away soon.

One advantage to the cold weather however, is being able to sit with a good book, snuggled up in my 'Snuggie' without feeling too guilty. This conviently leads me to this week's 'Sunday Snippet'.

I only started 'Falling' by Elizabeth Jane Howard the other day. However so far, I'm not sure what to make of it. I think the problem for me at the moment, is the main character. I'm not sure if Henry is a hopeless romantic or just a bit creepy. Anyway, I'll see how it progresses. Here's the 'Snippet':

Page 31- 'She had meant to leave for London early in the afternoon but that had proved imposible.'

'Falling'- Elizabeth Jane Howard

Whatever you're doing, enjoy what's left of the weekend. This afternoon, I'm off out for a second birthday meal. I'm seriously going to have to think about going on a diet soon!


  1. Good snippet. I immediately ask - why? Perhaps i shall need to read to find out.

    It is snowing on our palm tree this morning! I was quite excited to see it, before hibernating with a book.

  2. Yes it does make you ask that question, doesn't it?

    I'm off out for lunch in a while and, as it's raining, I'm not looking forward to walking to the restaurant. I'll curl up with my book when I get back.

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  4. Hi thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your blog now!