Thursday, February 24, 2011


Regular followers of this blog may remember that I posted about writing poetry and the elements that make up a good poem. Well, I've actually attempted to write a poem. It's not the greatest poem ever, but it's definitely a start:


Thick and warming sheets
envelop me, from
wild, windy storms outside
my windowpane.

Thunder booms and crashes
around but I lie safe,
until dawn resumes the day.


  1. Now I want to curl up in my warm bed!

  2. I like the line break between "crashes / around" that seems to catch the unpredictablility of where the thunder will sound next.
    Good for you, putting your words out there.

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  4. I love your poem. It is a very beautiful start.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, I was a bit woried about putting the poem on the blog!

    I've been reading more poetry lately and have realised that there is a lot of freedom with it, there doesn't seem to be set rules to create a poem. I find this both scary; as I like to know my boundries before I embark on something, but also, I find the genre of poetry intriguing.

  6. So you did it! Well done for your courage ... and it is a great poem.