Saturday, February 5, 2011

'Save Our Libraries Day'

This morning whilst reading the latest posts on my dashboard, I came across this interesting post on 'Savidge Reads'. It talks about 'Save Our Libraries Day' in which many people in the UK are protesting, to save their local libraries from closure.

Living in Spain, I am unable to take part in this protest. However if I were there, I'd definitely be joining in. It is essential that libraries (no matter how small) should stay open. They encourage the development of reading skills and imagination in the young. Not only that, they provide a sense of community, particularly for smaller villages and remote places.

I have many wonderful memories of the library and it is one of the things, due to living here, I really miss. Why should the government deny people, particularly the young, the chance to build their own memories of the library?

Are you in support of this campaign and, if you are in the UK, are you joining in with any protests?


  1. I certainly am in support of this campaign. I hardly dare start in case it turns into a rant about incompetent, short-sighted fools...

    What I most resent is all the tax we pay that gets wasted on stuff I don't agree with (bailing out casino banking systems for one) and then the really important stuff gets cut to the bone, when all that's needed is a fraction of those billions!

  2. Oh rant away, I'm interested to read what people think about this issue.

    One of the things I like about living in Spain, is that for instance in my town, the money that the council has goes towards things that are actually needed, like public services and children's play parks. This is better than the money being wasted on things, like you say, casinos etc.

    If the government in the UK is so interested in educating the young, why don't they start encouraging literacy, by making sure that libraries stay open? By organising events at these facilities, I believe that the children would develop an interest in literature and language, which could potentially aid their education.

  3. I missed posting about this event yesterday, didnt touch the computer at all or visit my library to read-protest.

    We are at risk of losing our local library in the long run. We have missed the first cull of cuts in our county but the govt want to sell off the library.

    We are also losing children's centres (free groups for mums and little ones), sport funding in schools (which was to help with our unfit children) and many other vital services, that unfortunately the powers that be do not realise we value.