Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Sunday Snippet'

I will be sad to finish 'The Maltese Falcon'. It's so deliciously complex and has so many twists and turns, that it's like being taken on a journey through a rabbit hole. I'm definitely going to be seeking out more 'Noir' novels in the future. Here's this week's 'snippet.'

Page 153 'When he withdrew the hand presently it came out smeared with blood.'

'The Maltese Falcon' by Dashiell Hammett

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. This morning I'm a bit disorientated, due to the clocks going forward. At least summer is on its way!

Happy Sunday!


  1. :-)
    Thanks Oliva for your lindos reviews!

  2. It's always interesting to read your reviews. I make notes of the books I'd like to read when I have the time.

  3. Ah! So all in all this book 'got' you in the end.
    Can I borrow it??

  4. So far Aguja, yes this book has 'got' me. It's extremely gripping and of course, I will lend the book to you when I have finished!