Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Snippet

By the time this is published, it should be Sunday. However as I have problems with scheduling my posts, this could be published next Wednesday. If that happens, then I apologise.

I'm having to grab this quiet moment to blog while I can, as I have been busy with visitors who are here for Easter. I have managed to get a little reading done and I must say, that I'm disappointed with Christopher Priest's 'The Prestige'. I am determined however, to see the book through until the end.

Here's this week's snippet:

Page 262- "Tomorrow sir," Tesla said to me, "tomorrow, and with the consent of my noble assistant here, we shall endeavour to safely transport the cat from one place to another. If that can be achieved, I take it you will be satisfied?"

'The Prestige'- Christopher Priest

Whatever you are doing, enjoy the rest of the weekend and Easter break. On Sunday afternoon, I will be out to lunch with my relatives, although not enjoying the sunshine. It seems that England have stolen all of the good weather for the time being....*grumbles* it's not fair!

Happy Easter!


  1. You're good about finishing a book even if you aren't totally enjoying it. Lately, I feel that there are too many good books, too little time, to do that!

  2. I don't like not finishing a book, so I try as hard as possible to carry on, even if I'm not enjoying it. There have only been a handful of books that I have left unfinished. As I get older, I am starting to be more selective about what I finish and what I don't though.

    Thanks for the comment.