Saturday, May 28, 2011

Barry M 'Instant Nail Effects' Nail Varnish- Product Review

A while ago, I posted about having discovered 'Barry M' beauty products, particularly their 'Instant Effects' Nail Varnish.

This product promises to create an amazing 'crackle effect' on your nails. To see a demonstration of this, check out the tutorial video.

When my friend took a trip to England recently, I asked her to pick up a couple of the Instant Effects' varnishes for me and I was excited when she brought me these:

I couldn't wait to try this product, so I spent yesterday painting my nails and I'm very impressed with the results.

In order to use the 'Instant Nail Effects' nail polish, you have to firstly paint your nails, in your choice of normal nail varnish (I chose pink).

Then once that has dried, you paint the 'Nail Effects' over your nail, making sure that you don't overlap the coat. The polish is slightly difficult to put on, especially because the consistancy of the polish is rather thick. Almost instantly though, the varnish does its work and creates fantastic patterns over your nails.

Despite spending a long time trying to take photos of my nails, I have not been able to take a decent photo to show you the results. Take my word for it though, this product is definitely worth buying, if you like your nails to stand out.

The video is an accurate description of what the product looks like and at £3.99 (about 4 Euros) per bottle, the price of this product is reasonable.

Overall, I'm very happy with the Barry M 'Instant Nail Varnish' and I would definitely buy more from this range in future.


  1. I literally went with my friend to a store to help her pick out nail polish and she walked out with this stuff-- just yesterday! I'll have to see what her nails look like when I see her next! Sounds like fun :-)

  2. How Strange! I hope that your friend has fun with this polish... I did!

  3. Love this. This is my favorite brand of nail polish. It's the best.

    Irene Jennings of Dallas Cold Laser