Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogging Query

As some of you know, as well as 'The Oliva Reader', I have another, more general blog called 'Life As A So Called Adult'.

I enjoy updating both blogs, because I feel that they show different parts of my personality. However lately, I've felt that maybe it was time to combine both blogs. This though, poses a problem.

I don't know whether it is more beneficial to blog readers to have clearly defined subjects for each blog, or whether readers would find it interesting, to read blog posts about all sorts of subjects. I don't want to put off you, my loyal readers, by posting content that you don't to read, but I also think that it would be neater to put all of my writing in one place.

I have also been thinking about transfering my blogging over to somewhere like 'Wordpress' which allows bloggers to have separate sections for different topics on one blog. The problem with using Wordpress, is that my computer skills are fairly limited and I'm not sure if using this blogging device, would be too complicated.

So, this is where you come in. Do you prefer to read blogs with clearly defined topics, or do you like read blogs which have a bit of everything? Also for those who use Wordpress, how does it compare to Blogger?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!


  1. For what's it's worth, my opinion is that your two blogs would merge rather well. OK, this is the book blog but you always write it in quite a loose, personal way that's very appealing. I like a mixture of topics because I think it's the writing - on whatever subject - that's important.

  2. I think if you combined the blogs it would be cool!

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I've been thinking about what you said and you're right, the 2 blogs do compliment each other quite well. So I'm going to put all content on here. I'm debating whether or not to transfer all 'Wordless Wednesday' s and any other posts on here. Some may be out of date (for example my piece about 'The Eurovision Song Contest' so should I leave them where they are or transfer them to the new improved 'The Oliva Reader'. What do you think?