Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Snippet

I've finally finished 'The Prestige' by Christopher Priest hurrah! I must say that there were good elements to this novel, but overall I just found it a messy, disappointing read. More of my thoughts on 'The Prestige' will appear on the blog over the next few days.

My next read, is Emma Donoghue's novel 'Room'. There has been a lot of publicity surrounding this book over the last few months and I deliberately held off from reading this, until some of the hype died down. Even though I have only read 47 pages of the book, I have found it compelling and very well written. I love how the main character Jack, talks about objects as if they are characters.

Here's an example:

Page 47- 'I wake up in Bed and it's raining, that's when Skylight's all blurry.'

'Room'- Emma Donoghue

Have you read this book? What did you think of it (no spoilers please!)?

Whatever you're doing during the last days of the Easter break have a great time.

Happy Sunday!

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