Saturday, June 4, 2011

Exciting 'Violet Jelly' News

Some of you may know, my friend and fellow blogger Aguja (who writes the 'Wordstitcher' blog), is in the process of writing a trilogy of books for children.

The 'Violet Jelly' series is adventure based, set both in Reality and Cyberspace. They are aimed at children from ages 8-10 (although they also appeal too adults too!) and feature wonderful, colourful characters and an exciting plot. Not only that, 'Violet Jelly' encourages children to read and expand their vocabulary.

The first book in the series 'Violet Jelly' is available illustrated and unillustrated on both or on, but now I'm pleased to announce that an unillustrated version of 'Violet Jelly' is also available on Amazon UK.


  1. Thanks! I appreciate the publicity!

  2. You're Welcome! Just doing my bit to help spread the news about 'Violet Jelly'!