Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'One Good Turn- Television Adaption (Review)

Over the last two nights, the BBC have shown another in their series of adaptions of Kate Atkinson's 'Jackson Brodie' novels.

'One Good Turn' involves a serious attack, a man critically ill after a heart attack and the investigation into a prostitute, washed up by the sea.

This two parter was equally as compelling as 'Case Histories'.The newer characters were well cast and I felt that there was an even greater development, with Jackson and some of the other characters who
featured in the previous episodes. I also felt that the set up to the story was much slicker than in 'Case Histories' and overall, this was much more exciting than the previous two episodes.

I also think that the producers made a clever choice, by placing all of this series within Edinburgh. This is because, and I may have said this in my review of 'Case Histories', by containing the programmes within one place, the four programmes felt more like a series instead of being adaptations of two, completely separate novels.

Slight criticisms I have to make about 'One Good Turn', are that there were several changes in the order of events, which took place in the television adaptation. There was no sign of the 'Edinburgh Festival', in which the brutal attack takes place in the book. I think that this was disappointing, because I found that by placing the attack in the queue of a show at the 'Edinburgh Festival',the way in which Atkinson explores
the people's lives within that queue, in my opinion, was a dynamic approach to the story.

Another minor element, but the producers completely missed out the storyline with DI Louise Munroe's Archie being led astray by his friend. Instead, I found the character of Archie to be uninteresting.

The television adaption of 'One Good Turn' had some faults, but overall, I thought that this was very entertaining and gripping. When I first blogged about the BBC's adaptions of the 'Jackson Brodie' novels, I was only aware that they were going to tackle two of the books. However, looking at the BBC webpage for this series, I'm excited to see that there is going to be another two parter of another Jackson Brodie novel, called 'When will There be Good News?' beginning on Sunday.I'm really looking forward to it!

Have you seen the television of 'One Good Turn'? What are your thoughts on this?

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