Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Sunday Snippet'

Now that 'Case Histories' series has finished, I can now resume talking about 'The Pillars Of The Earth' by Ken Follett. I'm on the home straight with this novel (although I still have about 300-400 pages to go!) and I must say, I will be sad when I finish this, as it's so compelling. One thing is for sure, I will be reading the sequel 'World Without End', but I will need to read a few shorter novels, before I tackle another lengthy book.

Here's the 'snippet':

Page 750 ' But when he was away from this house, Aliena was on his mind as much as if he had left her only yesterday. His memories of her were painfully vivid, although her had not seen her for more than a year.'

'The Pillars Of The Earth' by Ken Follett

Whatever you're doing, enjoy what's left of the weekend. I have been out enjoying the annual motorbike show. It's a noisy way to spend a Sunday morning, but I really enjoy it. There were more motorbikes than ever this year, so watch out for a special 'Wordless Wednesday'.

Also, if you have access to UK TV, 'The TV Book Club' began its series of summer reads today, on More4 at 7.30 pm (U.K time). On the first programme, the panel will be reviewing 'The Lantern' by Deborah Lawrenson, whose blog I follow regularly. I'd be interested to hear their views on this.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Missed the show this year, unfortunately. I look forward to Wordless Wednesday!

  2. That's a shame, it was really good. This week's 'Wordless Wednesday' will give you a taster of the show.

  3. I'm sure that you had a great time at this bike exhibition.

  4. Olga, yes I did have a good time at the bike show, although it was rather hot and noisy!

  5. I actually don't know what a motorbike show is, but I'm thinking it is a place where they show. motorbikes. Glad you had fun! Congrats on reading the 'final' pages of 'The Pillars of the Earth'

  6. Melissa, all will be revealed in tomorrow's 'Wordless Wednesday' (which I don't think will be wordless, but never mind)!

    As I'm coming towards the end of 'The Pillars Of The Earth', I actually don't want it to end because I am enjoying it so much.