Sunday, July 17, 2011

'Sunday Snippet'

With the onset of summer, I thought that I would more time to read. However, it seems like I have no time at all!

So far this week, I've been out for coffee, gone to the cinema (to see 'Bad Teacher' which isn't a bad film), had a couple of nights out and then yesterday, I spent most of the day at a pool party. So you can imagine, I have been too tired to pick up a book.

Next week will also be busy (I'm off to see 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Part 2' on Wednesday yay!), but I'm hoping that I can finish 'School Stories' by Elinor M.Brent-Dyer, because it is such a charming book. Here's a 'snippet':

Page 241- 'Gisela and Bernhilda went over to Le Petit Chalet; Juliet and Grizel tackled the dormitories, and the others hunted all over the lower part of the house. They dived into the stationary cupboard; they looked behind the book-lockers; they moved all the desks- though how they thought even Robin, much less Joey, could have hidden in them was beyond anyone with any common-sense!'

On the 'Sunday Snippet' I always talk about what I'm doing over the weekend, but what about you?- What have you been doing this weekend?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Nursing an aching gum after having to have a tooth pulled out and drowning out the pain by reading 'Pillars of the Earth'.