Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Snippet

It has not been a good reading week. In fact, it hasn't been a particularly good week in general, as I've been ill with a double ear infection. The good news is, that I'm now on antibiotics and I'm slowly getting better. That means, that I'm more in the right frame of mind, for reading!

Some of you may have noticed that for a while on the 'Currently Reading' section of the blog, it said that I was reading Jackie Collin's novel 'Goddess Of Vengeance'. Then it suddenly changed to 'The Book Of Ebenezer Le Page' by G.B Edwards. The reason being is that I found 'Goddess Of Vengeance' to be so bad, that it wasn't even the sort of book that's so bad, that it's worth reading! It was so full of clich├ęs and disjointed back tracking, that I had to put 'Goddess Of Vengeance' down. Lots of people love Jackie Collin's novels, after all, she has written numerous of novels which have reached the top of many bestseller lists, but I have decided that her books are not my cup of tea.

So far, I haven't read more than a chapter of G.B Edwards' novel 'The Book Of Ebenezer Le Page', so I haven't had the chance to form an opinion on it. However if you have read this novel, I would love to hear what you think about this book.

Here's a 'snippet':

Page 30- 'I can see the old schoolroom: the broken-down desks and the worn-out forms with knots in that got stuck in your backside and the picture of the old Queen on the wall and of Jesus Christ walking on the water and the jam-jar of tadpoles on the windowsill.'

Whatever you're up to this weekend, have a great time.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Good for you for not pressuring yourself into finishing a book you don't like.

    Keep on reading.

  2. I love finding new books so I look forward to following you! As for not liking books, that happens. I normally give a fifty page policy then move on. Sometimes it's not good and sometimes it's just me.

  3. Love the snippet! Get well soon!

  4. Thanks for the comments so far!

  5. that is awesome. hope you're doing better! :)