Friday, July 15, 2011

Word Of The Week

Dumbledore- An 18th century word, originating from the dialect of South-West of England, meaning 'bumblebee'.


  1. how interesting......i have seen the word but had not looked it up before....and i have dumbledore everywhere right now in my garden, often their black legs are this color, orange, with pollen then have collected, and they barely get off the ground.


  2. What a fantastic word for a bumble bee. The photograph is beautifully vibrant - just right for a Dumbledore!

  3. Thanks all for the comments. I wasn't aware of this word until I saw a 'Harry Potter' special of a U.K programme called 'Q.I'.

    I thought that it would make an appropriate, but subtle homage to 'Harry Potter', seeing as the last film is released today.