Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Snippet

This week has a fairly good reading week, but I could have done better. My slowness in reading doesn't mean that I am not enjoying my latest read, 'The Lantern' by Deborah Lawrenson however. So far, I'm finding this a beautifully written, intriguing read.

Usually on 'Sunday Snippet', I post a quote from the page that I am currently on. This time however, I wanted to share with you this 'snippet', which caught my attention. It perfectly describes how myself and I suppose many other people, develop a passion for reading:

P45: 'I have always been a reader. As a child, I loved books, though there weren't many at home. But as soon as I went to school and was given one to look at the lovely pictures, and turned the pages to find more of the same, I was happy. Such colours and strange and vivid images! I marvelled at how they were all closed up, asleep with their secrets unseen until you reached up and took the book down from the shelf'.

'The Lantern' by Deborah Lawrenson

Whatever you're doing, enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm off for Sunday lunch and generally having a relaxing afternoon. The sun here is as hot, if not more so, than it was in August, so it's impossible to do anything very strenuous.

What have you done/doing this weekend?

Happy Sunday

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