Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chapters In My Life -Week 9

It's already week 9 of 'Chapters In My Life' and this week, Zohar from 'Man Of La Book' is going to share their book selection:

'I have read many books over my life, but not that many were significant or influential. Of course there are some of those books, those ones we all look for, which make you look at the world differently when you read them or beyond – but they are far and few in between.

When Spangle contacted me about the guest post I thought “sure, no problem”, but with a little more thought I was hard pressed to come up with five significant or influential titles. I was actually surprised, being a lifelong reader, how difficult this assignment was, but here we go.

1) Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes is a book which I clearly remember my grandfather reading to me (the condensed version of course). I will always have a soft spot for this wonderful book and even named my blog as a Quixotic pun.

2) Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson – this was the first book I remember that I loved and that my mother loved as well. It’s a book which we talked about and talked about again when I read it recently.

3) Kofiko, the Monkey by Tamar Borenstein-Lazar – this is a series of children’s books which I read non-stop in second/third grade. I remember cracking up at the adventures of Kofiko. These books taught me to love reading.

4) On the other hand, the Young Sportsmen by Avner Carmeli – a series of books about two high school students who are playing for the Israeli national team – was the first series of books I could talk about with other kids my age.

5) Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott taught me two lessons. The first, when I read it as a child of 10-11, is that I could read and enjoy “grown up” novels. The second lesson I learned recently when I re-read it, this book was as good as I remembered it, even better if you could believe it.

Thanks Spangle for making me go through this exercise, it was very beneficial and enlightening. Happy holidays to one and all.'

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