Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Snippet

You could say that over the last few weeks I have felt disheartened with the whole blogging process. After spending a lot of time organising my new blog feature 'Chapters In My Life' and not really receiving much response, I have contemplated throwing in the towel and deleting the blog.

However, yesterday I read a really interesting blog post by litlove on 'Tales from the Reading Room'.

It talked about why people post reviews and the reason why they blog in the first place. Like me, a lot of the people commenting, said that they felt disheartened when they spent hours on a blog post, only to have no comments. What I have learnt, is is no science to creating popular blog posts and so I should just carry on and write, despite whether my blog posts receive a lot of comments or not. What are your views on this subject? Do you blog for yourself or an audience? Have you found a secret to lots of comments?

Another thing that has revitalised my blogging passion, is that Carol from 'Dizzy C's Little Book Blog' suggested that I visit a blogging forum called 'Blogaholic Social Network', which is a forum for bloggers to get together and swap ideas. I think this will help me to feel involved in blogging again than lost in CyberSpace, which I have done lately.

Some of you might think that I'm ungrateful to you my small, but loyal readers for stopping by and reading my posts. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. What I think I'm trying to say, is that I have been in a blogging rut and it's time to shake things up a bit.

One element of the blog that I want to carry on is 'The Sunday Snippet'. I have been terribly slow with my reading progress of Deborah Lawrenson's novel 'Songs of Blue and Gold' but, as I have probably said before, that has no reflection on the book itself. It has lovely descriptions of sun-kissed Corfu and a interesting storyline. Here's a 'snippet':

P76- 'The sea and the light constantly moving together, interweaving and patterning, made Melissa aware of being alive, of blood coursing around the body, sun on her arms as she stood at the open window.'

'Songs of Blue and Gold' by Deborah Lawrenson

Sorry for writing such a long post for a Sunday. Whatever you are doing for the rest of the weekend, enjoy yourself.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I will not hear talk of "deleting" your blog :)

    It takes time to build up a following. I have taken a year to build mine up and even now some posts get zero or few comments.

    I do know that tweeting my posts helps and linking my reviews at places like Blogaholic SN help.
    Another one is . Massive blog community there.

    I still cannot find out how I put the share bar at the end of my posts.

    I wonder if any of your readers can help?


  2. Please don't delete, I've only just started reading you! Tell me more about your 'chapters in my life series?'

    I write for myself. But I like when people find what I write/share useful or entertaining.

    In order to engage with readers I ask questions. Then when people answer I encourage them to post in their own blogs so I can read what they have to say on the subject.

    I also comment on people's blogs, and have joined some blog-hops and link-ups that interest me, but not just for the the sake of new followers!

    Hope this helps and for what it's worth, you have a new reader in me!


  3. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement Dizzy! As you can see, I have added a bar for Twitter on here, which I think means you can retweet my posts.

    ginlemonade, thanks for stopping by the blog and the encouragement. 'Chapters In My Life' is a weekly blog series (every Saturday), where guest posts talk about 5 books which have had an influence on their personal/writing lives.

    I've really enjoyed hosting the series so far, as there have been interesting and varied contributors. If you would like to read the series so far, you can find all of the posts under 'Chapters In My Life' in the categories section on the right of the blog.

  4. Noooo! No deletion! I would be so very upset if the fickle world of book blogging drove you over the edge in such a manner. I love reading your blog, although I have found lately that I have not only had to cut down on my own posts (life inevitably getting in the way) but also on my commenting..unless something jumps out and slaps me in the face.

    I completely understand how you feel and I have had moments where I have wondered whether I am actually just talking to myself. But it will gradually pick up and it is a wonderful and exciting business joining book blogging social networks to meet fresh faces.

    Chin up! And please don't delete!

  5. Don't give up - just keep doing what your doing you have a great blog! I try to make sure I visit as many blogs as I can and leave comments whenever something interests me (like I’m doing now).
    When anyone comments on my blog I make sure I visit their blog in return (if I can find it!) and leave a comment – then I try to pop back at least once a month and if something interests me – I leave another comment.
    New follower.

  6. Thanks for the comments Barbara and Relish. The support I have had since writing this post has made me feel much better about keeping the blog going. Also I have learnt that to increase my audience, I have to get out there and promote, something I haven't comfortable doing. However, it will also mean I will find some great undiscovered blogs, so it will be worth it!

  7. I recently wrote about this very thing on my blog. It is so frustrating when you spend time on a post and get no response to it. I'm here to tell you that I am here and I am reading all of your posts! Good luck with the blogging slump... I know you'll pull through :)

  8. Thanks Melissa, I want to tell you the same. I always read your blog posts and love your style of writing!

  9. Hiya, I am new to your blog, and now following. It's great, don't give up! I know how you feel, and what you mean, about it being disheartening if you don't get any comments on your post. I don't always get any, sometimes I get a few. Not sure about the logic to it at all though! I think the best thing is to try and please yourself with what you write and never mind anything else, though it is inevitably extra satisfying if people comment. Good luck.

  10. Hello I am your newest follower :D

    I think it is a feeling we all go through at some point. People have said oh do memes etc but that bumps up followers not comments which to me is pointless.

    I always reply to comments (both on my own blog and I always return the visit) by doing this I have met some wonderful people and got a regular lot of visitors and commentors. I think this is the key, you will always get people who won't return the visit but lots of us will and do.

    I am glad you decided to stick around and look forward to your future posts.


    P.s I have a few giveaways just now if they appeal your more than welcome to enter

  11. Thanks for the comments Lindsay and So Many books! I'm already finding that through the different blog boards, that I have met some great people and discovered new blogs. It's also good to know that a lot of bloggers experience a blog slump now and then.!

  12. I blog because I'm truly interesting in books and learning about new and different books from others! Great post! It's tough but stick with it! New follower!

    Tia @ Falling For Books

  13. I haven't time to comment on all the blogs I read, maybe it's because my computer's a bit slow but it can take a long time just waiting for the page. So sometimes if I am busy I don't check on many blogs, and when I do I often click on the people who have commented on my blog lately, because I feel that I have a relationship with them.

    I don't know if other people do the same...

    Anyway don't get discouraged, your blog is nice!

  14. Thanks Tia and Jenny. All of the support and comments have given me encouragement to continue blogging. So thanks for that everyone!

  15. This makes me sad! You are a great blogger and have a kind and special heart. Don't be discouraged. I know blogging can be disheartening at times but I think it is worth it. That reminds me and makes me feel like a giant jerk... I never wrote you back about this feature. I moved then started school and got a dog and totally forgot a lot of my emails. I am so sorry. :( Let me know if you are still looking for guest posters. Keep your head up and keep on smiling!

  16. Hi thanks for the message Steph and the support. If you're still interested in taking part in my blog series 'Chapters in my Life', then there is still space for you. Will e-mail you about it.

  17. Hi Spangle!

    Thanks for the follow - I pretty much go through this exact same thing on my blog on a daily basis. You are only my 10th follower and I've been blogging for about 8 months - so disheartening. BUT, I always go back to why I started blogging and that was to get me to write again, which I do now ... I try not to get too caught up in the whole followers and comments thing because when I see some blogs with 2000 plus followers my heart sinks. I can't compete with that:)

    I'll just keep doing my thing and visiting some other awesome blogs and becoming a follower myself:)