Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Snippet

Firstly thanks for all of the lovely comments left on last week's 'Sunday Snippet'. It has given me the boost to continue with the blog. Also welcome to my new followers, I'm glad that you decided to stop by!

As you might have noticed, I have added a new gadget which means that you can now share my posts on Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. Thanks to Carol from 'Dizzy C's Little Book Blog' for helping me with this.

Anyway back to this week's 'snippet'. I'm still really enjoying 'Songs of Blue and Gold' by Deborah Lawrenson. I love the gentle pace of the novel and the story in itself is intriguing. Here is a slightly longer 'snippet' than usual, but I think it illustrates how Deborah Lawrenson keeps her audience wanting to know what happens next:

Page 178: 'Now I was peering in, trying to understand, trying to place my mother in the picture too- but I had no clue how she featured. The Corfu that Julian Adie recreated in his book belonger to another era, decades before she could have met him. His words were useful only in that they painted a background picture of him and the place. They cast no light on what came later.'

If you are posting your own 'Sunday Snippet', don't forget to leave the link on your comment.

Whatever you are doing, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Today I will be relaxing with my book, before a busy week of Christmas parties. I have one tomorrow night and then a Christmas dinner on Friday, with my friends from the Intercambio Language Group I go to. Are you off to any Christmas do's soon?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Christmas parties already! Yikes! I have my one for work on Thursday.

  2. Have a good tme at the party Steph!

  3. Hi! I found your blog through Blogaholic Social Network and now I'm a follower! Happy Reading!!

  4. Hi thanks for stopping by Jenn! Am now following your blog.

  5. I had my pre-birthday dinner with my flatmates last night ... the theme was trailer trash. Why not I say;)

    My work christmas do is on Friday and then I am off to South Africa for a sunny summery Christmas:) Cannot wait!

    So glad you are still blogging.
    Happy reading!

  6. Oh man, Christmas season started last Saturday and it is non stop over here. It's exciting and exhausting!