Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Snippet

This week has been very busy. Firstly, there was a Christmas party on Monday in which I discovered Egg Nog.

Then I had a day trip to Benidorm which was great. However at one point I felt like I was in a 'Vicar of Dibley' Christmas special, as I had to eat two dinners (one being a full blown turkey dinner), so as to not to upset anyone. I felt VERY ill afterwards!

The week was rounded off, by going out to dinner with the Intercambio group I go to on Friday's. I have been going to the group for about 4 years now and for me, it's not just a group to practise my Spanish, but I have also made some great friends there. This year's dinner had a touch of sadness to it, because it was the first Christmas dinner without one of our group leaders and a very good friend, who passed away a few months ago. He wasn't there physically, but he was all with us in our hearts.

Anyway, in between shopping and partying, I did manage to do some reading! I think that I should re-name this blog 'The Slow Reader', because it's taking me so long to finish 'Songs of Blue and Gold' by Deborah Lawrenson! I am still really enjoying it though. Here's a 'Snippet':

Page 264: 'The weather turned suddenly on 20 August 1968. Adie stood alone on the stone jetty, his back to the White House as the storm struck.'

'Songs of Blue and Gold' by Deborah Lawrenson

Whatever you're doing, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Nice snippet. I enjoyed reading it. Your bookblogs.ning friend

  2. DM, I'm glad you enjoyed this week's 'snippet'!

  3. Love the comparison! I just laughed ... and then laughed some more!