Friday, December 2, 2011

Word of The Week

The site Dictionary.Com has voted the following word the 2011 'Word of the Year':

Tergiversate- change repeatedly one's attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject,
2. To turn renegade.

Have you ever used this word? Do you think that 'Tergiversate' should have won this year's 'Word of the Year', or can you think of a more worthy winner?


  1. I love the idea of 'word of the week', I used to share this with a friend and we would spend the whole week trying to use the word and then compare notes at the end of the week on how we got on. Talk about hilarious, we could have written some funny essays on some of those occasions, my friend trying to pop 'verisimilitude' into a conversation at a cocktail party comes to mind :)

    As for tergiversate, it's an interesting choice - but it is exactly that, their choice, so perhaps there should have been two winners, search words by users of as well as the staff interpretation.

    Alas, I can not think of a more worthy winner and I do like how tergiversate inspires the imagination, another fun thing, before I tell you what it means, try and guess, we were always amazed at how close we could get :)

  2. Claire thanks for your comment! Your word challenges sound fun. Also you are right, I think should have done a pool for their readers, so they could choose the word of the year.