Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Snippet

Following on from last week's 'Sunday Snippet', where I talked about whether or not to abandon Penny Vincenzi's 'Something Dangerous' well, in the end, I did abandon it.

I think that I made the right decision, because the book I'm now reading 'Fall Of Giants' by Ken Follett, is much better. I'm really enjoying it and so far, am making good progress through this doorstep of a book.

Here's a 'snippet':

Page 239: 'A strained silence descended on the house in Wellington Row. Mam made dinner and Da and Billy and Gramper ate it, but no one said much.'

'Fall Of Giants' by Ken Follett

Whatever you're doing, enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm going to have a quiet, relaxing day, reading my book. I'm also looking forward to this week's 'Dancing on Ice' and 'Sherlock' (I can't believe that the current series finishes today already!). What are you reading/watching today?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Nice snippet. I haven't read this book yet. Your friend from bookblogs.ning

  2. I real Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett a few years ago and really loved it! Let me know how it goes - he is heavy reading though (in my opinion).

    Happy Sunday to you too!!

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