Wednesday, March 21, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Just a quick note to remind you that Ann Sharple's interview will be tomorrow (Thursday 22nd) on at 3.45pm (Spain/Europe) and 2.45pm (UK time). Visit her website at: or her blog 'Wordstitcher' .


  1. Yes, the colors are great - would love a caption on a photo like this to show where/what this is.

  2. Hi thanks for comment.

    I forgot to mention that last weekend was the Fallas festival. With it, is an event where falleras (in the picture) offer flowers to Our Lady of the Foresaken.

    Another part of Fallas is the construction of statues (or 'ninots) throughout each town in the Valencian area. A competition is held to find the best ninot and the winner wins money to construct a better ninot next year. At the end of the festival, each ninot is burnt in order of prize giving (the last prize is burnt first and first being last). I will add some more pictures of this year's ninots, on next week's 'Wordless Wednesday'.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. You have captured the colours and texture of those dresses beautifully - and have reflected the essence of the mood.

  4. Lovely dresses and colors. I look forward to Ann's interview!