Thursday, March 8, 2012

'Time's Legacy' by Barbara Erskine

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 978-0-00-730229-1

Length: 520 Pages

What the 'Blurb' says:

'Ancient secrets buried deep in Glastonbury's past. One woman's quest finally to set them free.

Cambridge, present day: Following the death of her mother, Abi Rutherford receives a mysterious bequest- a misshapen crystal sphere known as the Serpent's Stone, which seems to give her glimpses of concelaed mysteries, long covered up by the church.

Western England 25AD: A stranger has come to the chilly Somerset wetlands, with a story of hope and reconciliation. But he is being followed by powerful forces, determined that he will not undermine Roman rule in Britain.

Abi questions what connects these ancient events and her gift. And why so many people seem desperate to hide the truth?

Opening Line: 'An icy wind whipped in across the shallow water bringing with it the first breath of autumn.

What's good about this novel?

I found the opening segment of this novel showed great promise. I found how the author attempts to introduce a debate on the complexities of religion, to be interesting. I also found the plot within the past to be compelling.

The central character Abi also showed promise. Being a Reverend, she isn't a stereotypical protagonist, so I found this approach to be refreshing.

What's wrong about this novel?

In my opinion, the potential of this novel is ruined by many different things. The writing within this novel is well paced, but it is also packed with of cliches which annoyed me.

I also found the plot within the present day to start off well, but then rapidly change from being over dramatic, to down right ridiculous. The ending itself takes away any legitimate debate that Erskine is trying to illustrate throughout this novel, which I think is a shame.

In my opinion, I think that Erskine has been a bit too ambitious with the weave of time in this novel. 'Time's Legacy' would have been much more effective and enjoyable, if the plot had just one linear storyline in the past.

Although the main character Abi is quite well formed, I found that most of the the characters within this novel, mainly within the present, to be mostly 1 dimension and merely puppets to move the plot along.

Is this worth a read?

It frustrates me that I can't give this book a better review, because it has the potential to be a very good read. As it is, 'Time's Legacy' is a novel that you could read if you want to switch your brain off for a while and not care about whether a book is realistic or not. For me though, 'Time's Legacy' is a very disappointing read.

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