Monday, March 11, 2013

'The Stand' by Stephen King

'The Stand' is an apocalyptic novel which is not only gripping to read, but asks interesting questions about religion and society.

Stephen King's approach to writing this story not only kept my interest through the novel, but I also felt that every single character within this story was fully formed and all had back stories to them, which were as equally interesting.
There were a couple of times in which my interest wained temporarily, but I think those parts of the story are worth persuing, because these parts of the story are fundamental to what happens later on. Having the special edition version of this book, I particularly liked the ending. It gave a sinister twist to the tale. This is a brilliant read and probably the best Stephen King novel I have ever read.

As a side note, whilst reading this novel I couldn't help but compare this to Justin Cronin's novel 'The Passage'. Throughout the novel, the similarities between these two novels were astounding and made me feel increasingly irritated by Cronin's writing laziness. However, I feel that Cronin wasn't able to inject as much life (if that's the right word in the case of both novels!), into his characters as well as Stephen King. I found King's approach to this novel, much more interesting than 'The Passage'. For these reasons, I would recommend reading 'The Stand' over the 'The Passage'.

Have you read this novel? What are your thoughts on this? If you have read 'The Stand' and 'The Passage', did you see the same similarities as I did? What do you think of writers taking ideas from others?  Is it possible to have a completely original novel?


  1. I've never read The Stand but I used to read a lot of Stephen King and would love to go back to his books (it's just the length, my goodness! Daunting!) I couldn't get into The Passage, personally.

  2. I have loved Stephen King's novels since I was 14-15 and I too was daunted by how enormous this book is. However, I would say give this a go, because I really enjoyed this and feel that it's worth ploughing through.

  3. The Stand is one of my favorite Stephen King books. Love it!!

  4. I enjoyed The Stand but much preferred IT which I read/listened right after this one. King can really write and tells such a great story. I have no interest in reading Cronin.

  5. Care, I tried to read 'IT' but couldn't finish this book, not sure why.