Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

What I've been reading:

So far, 2013 hasn't been a particularly good reading year. At the latest count I have abandoned 3 books:

'The Casual Vacancy' by J.K Rowling
 'Les Miserables' - Victor Hugo
 'Wolf Hall'- Hilary Mantel

All of these books I did try and plough through, but with all of them I found the writing to be a problem. Now I'm reading 'The Green Mile' by Stephen King and I'm already half of the way through ths novel, which is better. Although I must say that I have been a big fan of Stephen King's since I was a teenager, so I'm biased.

What I have been watching:

Some of you may know, that last Friday saw the 25th year of  'Comic Relief' where people (famous or not), raise money in wacky, crazy ways, to help people in Africa and in the U.K. So far, the total stands at a staggering £75,107,851 and one of the highlights of the evening, was when Jessie J shaved her hair off for the cause. Here's a video, I'm sure you will agree that she looks great, even with no hair!

What I've been listening to:

Well mostly the cannons and explosions waking everyone up at stupid o'clock because it's the Fallas Festival at the moment! I love the Fallas festival (more of that in the week), but wish that the cannons and children throwing firecrackers in the street would not be part of this! Argh!
 However, here's the anthem that most of the bands play during the Fallas festival. Don't ask me to translate, I just spend the whole Fallas weekend humming the tune:

Have a great week!


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