Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Film Talk

Over the Easter period, I watched one of my favourite films 'Gone With The Wind'. It tells the story of Scarlett O'Hara, a spoilt woman who will stop at nothing to get the man she wants and Rhett Butler a man of a very similar nature. The story is a lot more involved than this, but it's hard to condense a film that lasts approximately 3+ hours. All I can say is that I would definitely recommend this film.

Have you seen this film? What's your favourite film?


  1. I must admit (and this is hard for me because I consider myself a bit of a film buff) but I have never seen Gone with the Wind.

    It's one of those films that I need to just watch, but probably will never get around to unless I watch it with someone.

    As for my favourite film? Wizard of Oz - hands down:)

    Love it!!

  2. I have seen GWTW, and loved it. As a child, my favorite movies were Cinderella and Wizard of Oz which were on once a year. As for current favorites, I have so many since I love movies about as much as I love books...An Affair To Remember, When A Man Loves A Woman, RV, Life, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Music & Lyrics, The Notebook, The Wedding Singer, Jack & Jill and so many more. I also LOVE any movie based on a Stephen King book and any movie with John Travolta, Johnny Depp or Dennis Quaid.

  3. Thanks for your comments ! Vicki I haven't seen all of the films you listed, but I love Johnny Depp!